Moreau Paris

The story of the Maison Moreau, a former manufacturer of luxury leather goods and travel cases , began in the early nineteenth century. Following in the footsteps of Martin-Guillaume Biennais, the master cabinetmaker for Napoleon the 1st, and of a succession of artisans, layetiers and trunk makers, the Maison Moreau moved to the prestigious address of 283, rue Saint-Honoré in 1882. It remained there until the early twentieth century, when it ceased trading. In 2011, the Maison ROVNOFF, the creation of Veronika Rovnoff, decided to bring the MOREAU brand back to life. In 2012, Maison Rovnoff opened the "Moreau-Paris” boutique at 4, rue de Miromesnil in Paris and released a new collection of sophisticated luxury luggage and bags under the brand name MOREAU-PARIS. The iconic symbol of the brand represents the value, skill and perfectionism with which each Maison Moreau model is created. This new timeless collection of superior leather goods and luggage, designed by Fedor Georges Savchenko, has been created bearing the historic Moreau insignia, from high quality leather, which will age over time to give each bag a unique patina of charm and authenticity.



The Brégançon: the tote in tribute to Robert Bellanger
The House of Moreau, through its first collection, pays tribute to one of its most famous client, Robert Bellanger, last tenant of the fort Brégançon. The Brégançon bag combines tradition, craftmanship, luxury and modernity, all in one stylish tote, a tailor-made “holdall”, stitched with hand-crafted waxed threads. Other versions of the tote entail a reversible one or a royal blue, goatskin-lined one, a distinguishing feature reminiscent of the colour of the former Moreau Paris label.
The Diligence
At the end of the 19 th century, the Moreau Diligence suitcase was one the flagship design of the House. Today, the brand is redefining codes with this extremely stylish and feminine design. Leathergoods standards proper to old travel suitcases are reconsidered with a particular care to the tailoring, in order to make it resistant. The Diligence is equipped with a clasp system similar to the one used on old suitcases.
The Miromesnil, feminine and structured
The Miromesnil is a perfect combination of a certain idea of femininity, the union of high quality materials and the bevelled structure of the entirely hand-stitched piece. The unique design of its steel chain is inspired by an ancient jewellery practice dating back from the 19 th century. A clasp with a key and the emblem of the brand (made on demand) is the finishing touch to this extremely luxurious product.


The Moreau print originates from the pattern that was used on travel luggage and suitcases, inspired by the minimalistic effect of the interlaces of a wicker basket, which was displayed on the original Diligence suitcases of the brand...


1882 marks the beginning of Moreau when the French House was established at 283 rue Saint Honoré, in Paris. At the time, Moreau...
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