Louis Moreau Sr. (1740-1802) was an exceptional craftsman who became master cabinetmaker in 1764 and gained fame for his creations.

During the revolutionary era, he partnered up (and his son afterwards) with Martin-Guillaume Biennais (1764-1843), another famous master cabinetmaker, to create some of the most exceptional cabinets and trunks of the revolutionary period and then of the imperial era. They got appointed by Emperor Napoleon himself and created some of the most iconic pieces of the time.

The Moreau family then continued spreading its expertise from cabinetmaking to trunk making and finally travel and leather good making.Part of the limited circle of luxury travel accessories manufacturers during the 19th century in Paris, they settled down in 1878 in the 24 rue Boissy d’Anglas. 

Soon a second store opened in 1882 at the 283 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, the street in which the “Maison” can still be found today at the number 49.
It is during this new retail era that la Maison Moreau created a leather trunk with a now iconic pattern inspired by basketry and drawings of wicker trunks braids which remains its signature until today. La Maison Moreau remains one of the four historical monogram brands in Paris.