Louis Moreau Sr. , the founder became master cabinetmaker in 1764 and created exceptional furniture for the elite of the French kingdom before the Revolution. During the revolutionary times he partnered up with Martin Biennais. He was the master of woodwork and Martin Biennais was the master of metalwork. The chest created in 1799, presently part of the collections of La Maison Moreau is a fine example of their work.
Louis Moreau Jr. extended this partnership and this duo was to become iconic when the at the start of imperial times, the Emperor Napoleon appointed them for numerous stunning pieces of the time.
In 1805 they started producing trunks after the Emperor ordered an incredible trunk he offered to  the Chan-celor Cambaceres. The transfer of the cabinet making and metal welding craftsmanship to trunk making, was an incredible success at a time when people started travelling more and more.

When Moreau Paris store opened at the Faubourg Saint Honoré in 1882 the golden age of travelling started and the iconic trunks with their monogram found their way. Today the mythical craftsmans-hip moved from trunks to fashion accessories, still carrying the same DNA of, joyfulness, culture of perfection.
Moreau Paris combines a happy contemporary luxury with French Parisian elegance.