August 2023 One-of-a-Kind Bag
August 2023 One-of-a-Kind Bag

August 2023 One-of-a-Kind Bag

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At Moreau Paris, the celebration of French History shines brightly with one of its most iconic figures, King Louis XIV of France. Known as "The Sun King," he adopted the Sun emblem as a powerful symbol of his absolute authority and dominion. Inspired by the concept of the Sun as the center of the universe, illuminating all its subjects with its radiant light, King Louis XIV left an indelible mark on history.

The emblem became synonymous with his reign, representing the grandeur and splendor of the French monarchy during the 17th century.

The Brégançon pays tribute to one of Moreau’s most prestigious historical clients, Robert Bellanger, the last tenant of Fort Brégançon. A true blend of tradition, craftsmanship and modern style, the Brégançon PM is handstitched by our craftsman using the finest leathers. This reversible tote bag is crafted in bullskin leather and lined with our signature printed leather. Perfectly sized to carry all your daily essentials this luxury tote features retractable handles and a removable pouch with two compartments.

External Material: Bullskin leather

External Color: Black

Side Material: Bullskin leather

Side Color: Tone On Tone

Other Material: Printed Calfskin 

Lining Color: Classique

Product size (cm): 28x35x15 

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