June 2023 One-of-a-Kind Bag
June 2023 One-of-a-Kind Bag

June 2023 One-of-a-Kind Bag

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This unique one-of-a-kind inspiration draws its origins from the contemporary metropolis of Tokyo, incorporating elements of Buddhist culture as a reminder to pursue inner enlightenment amidst the vibrant urban environment. It provides solace and guidance on our quest for inner peace and spiritual awakening, offering a sanctuary amid the bustling cityscape.

The Brégançon pays tribute to one of Moreau’s most prestigious historical clients, Robert Bellanger, the last tenant of Fort Brégançon. A true blend of tradition, craftsmanship and modern style, the Brégançon tote is handstitched by our craftsman using the finest leathers.


External Material: Moreau Calfskin

External Color: White

Side Material: Cuir Moreau

Side Color: Tone On Tone

Other Material: Chèvre

Lining Color: Moreau Black

Product size (cm): 24x25x7

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